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School Uniform

Trinity Catholic School expects students to take pride in their appearance and to be in full school uniform at all times. Sports uniform are worn Monday and Friday.

Uniforms should be kept neat and tidy. Students who are not attired in correct uniform may not be permitted to represent the school or be photographed for public relations activities.

Students may wear a watch, a cross or crucifix on a chain around the neck and one pair of stud earrings (not sleepers or dangling earrings), no other jewellery is to be worn. Hair ties must be maroon, white, blue or hiar colour (eg brown).

It is necessary to forward to the school a note in the Communication Diary/Diary Sheet when your child is not in the correct school uniform.

All items of uniform are to be clearly marked with the child’s name. A lost property box is located in the sick bay, near the office. Parents and children are encouraged to check this area if clothing or other items are lost. All uniform items are available from the front office.

Summer Uniform

Boys -     

Grey school trousers or grey school shorts
Blue short sleeve button up shirt 
Plain black school shoes/boots with grey socks
Trinity School hat

Girls -      

Blue school dress 

Navy culottes with white shirt
Plain black school shoes with white ankle socks
Trinity School hat

Winter Uniform

Boys  -    

Grey school trousers(not cargo pants or tracksuit pants)
Blue button up school shirt (long sleeved)
Royal Blue Woollen School jumper 
Plain black shoes/boots with grey socks

Girls - 

Navy slacks (not cargo or tracksuit pants)
White long sleeve button up shirt school shirt
Royal Blue School jumper
Plain black school shoes with white socks

Both (optional)

Trinity School jacket, for both girls and boys

Navy Blue polar fleece vest (Optional)

Navy beanie embroidered with school emblem and navy scarf(optional)

Sports Uniform

Trinity tracksuit

Maroon shorts with double white stripe
Trinity sports polo shirt
Maroon and white football socks or white socks
Trinity School hat

Trinity tracksuit

Maroon skirt/shorts 
Trinity sports polo shirt
Maroon and white / or white socks
Trinity School hat

School Bags: A School Bag with crest  is preferred for the sake of consistency with the rest of the uniform.


All children must wear the school hat while playing outside at recess and lunchtime. Trinity has a policy of "No hat, No play". The use of sunscreen is also encouraged.





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