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The Staff at Trinity Catholic School believe that:

Homework is a part of being at school.

Homework can be a way for students to extend their own learning by further exploring concepts that have arisen in class.

Homework provides opportunities for students to develop self-regulation, time management and responsibility for their learning.

The students at Trinity Catholic School are assigned homework on a regular basis. The format will vary from teacher to teacher and from class to class but the basics of reading, spelling and mathematics are seen as essential for each grade. The teacher expectations for homework will be explained at the beginning of each year at the Parent Information Nights. (see Communication) All classes have a diary or diary sheet. This is a useful tool of communication between the home and the school and should be checked each night.

The minimum requirements for each grade are explained in the Homework Policy

Teachers try to structure homework in order to cater for the different learning needs of the students. If parents have any concerns about their child's homework we encourage them to make an appointment and speak to their child's teacher.


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