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Enrolment Information

Enrolling at Trinity Catholic School

Each year the children from Bunyip Preschool are invited to our Open Day. Held early in Term Two, Open Day provides an opportunity for children and their parents to meet staff and students and find out what we can offer their family.

The children experience different activies in each of the classrooms and on the playground while the parents can attend an Information Session and participate in guided tours of the school and facilities.

Anyone interested in enrolling their child/ren or seeking more information may contact the school for an enrolment package, to speak to the Principal or for a tour. Please phone on 0263862111 or email the office.

Please click here for complete list of uniform requirements. School Uniform 2017


Enrolment Policy

Trinity Catholic School abides by the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Enrolment Policy.

It is Archdiocesan policy that the enrolment of children of other faiths are encouraged. All enrolments are most welcome. Enrolment is upon the understanding that the child's parents must agree to actively support the school philosophy and practices and all students must participate in the school's Religious Education program.


Early Age Enrolments

It is the current policy of the Archdiocese that children enrolling for Kindergarten should have turned five years of age by 30th April of that year. Any parent wishing to enrol a child who is not in that category will be asked to meet with the Principal who will then refer the matter to the Director of Catholic Education.


Enrolment of Special Needs Students

Trinity Catholic School values inclusivity and celebrates diversity. This creates a community that accepts and cares for all children. The Learning Support Progam exists to support all children in our community in their learning.

Parents with a child who has a diagnosed learning disability or a physical disability are asked to attend an enrolment interview with the Principal, Learning Support Coordinator and support staff from the Catholic Education Office. Together this group of people will assess the needs of the child and how best the child can be catered for at Trinity.

This team approach is maintained throughout the child's time at Trinity to ensure that appropriate learning programs, adequate facilities and assistance is provided.

Please click here to read the Trinity Catholic School Enrolment Policy






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