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Vision and Mission


Trinity Catholic School is a part of the Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese.


At Trinity Catholic School, our mission is to have Jesus at the heart of all we do, as we live every day by the Gospel values and nurture the growth of the individual.


When St Columbas' and St Mary's were merged to form one school, the two mottos and logos were retained so that today members of the Trinity community follow two mottos. "To know, to love, to serve" and  "Whatever you do, do well". The school crest is also  a merger of the two former crests.

Trinity is at the heart of a rural community. The school aims to serve this community by upholding its tradition of spirit and hard work in providing quality Catholic education for all.

We believe:

  • Jesus is the core of all our endeavours.
  • In children, parents and teachers feeling safe and happy in our school.
  • That our school is an active and dynamic part of the ever-changing church.
  • In being a compassionate, loving and caring community.
  • In providing quality education that prepares and challenges our children to look towards the future with hope and confidence. 



Our vision has been discerned through the IDEAS process. These  words embrace our vision for the students of Trinity and the heritage of our local community which grew as a 'railway town'. Situated on the main southern line between Sydney and Melbourne part of our uniqueness lies in being the twin towns of Harden Murrumburrah. This arose from the placement of the railway stations.

As the community worked through the IDEAS process, we realised that there was and is a powerful correlation between education and the railway. Education is about setting goals (destination); it’s about how we reach those goals (journey) and its about celebrating the attainment of those goals, those milestones (success).

Every journey begins with a destination in mind. There are signals and signs along the way that inform us of our progress. Each of us travels at a different pace and some may take a different path to arrive at the same destination. At the end of each journey we celebrate their safe arrival before embarking on a new course.














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