We know the Leadership Team at Trinity are informed and plan strategically using research and the system initiative, Catalyst.

We know educators at Trinity significantly impact student learning in Mathematics.

We know students at Trinity experience success in Mathematics through evidence-based, whole-class numeracy programs providing all children with the essential core knowledge and strong foundations to become successful numerate citizens.

van de walle.png

We know that best practice in Mathematics includes:

  • teachers content knowledge predominantly accessed from the Van de Walle text,
  • the setting and knowing of goals,
  • the engagement of problem solving and reasoning,
  • the representation of multiple ways of thinking,  
  • the development of concepts over time,
  • the knowledge of concepts transferred to procedural fluency,
  • student work samples to assess and target teaching.

and that is why you will see that in action at Trinity.

We love implementing the Science of Learning in Numeracy, Tom Sherrington’s interpretation of  Rosenshine’s 10 principles of instruction, and John Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory.

We love to teach using the model  I DO, WE DO, YOU DO, providing many worked examples and scaffolds before students are asked to independently attempt tasks.

We love to support our learners in Numeracy through:

  • small groups, facilitated by a trained educator
  • formal and frequent assessment of all students to address any gaps or need for intervention
  • fun songs and actions to reinforce taught concepts.

We serve all students in Numeracy by:

  • implementing fun and engaging Numeracy Programs, both at school and at home to promote engagement in Mathematics,
  • using daily review to consolidate students’ understanding and develop their fluency in essential understandings for numeracy sessions,
  • using daily review to support students’ confidence by ensuring that previously taught skills and concepts are reviewed in a sequenced and planned way.

We serve our parent community by:

  • providing excellence in Numeracy development from Kindergarten to Year 6
  • sharing students' progress in Numeracy in a wide range of ways, including technology, work samples, and student presentations
  • maintaining the integrity of mathematics.