Student Wellbeing

Trinity Catholic Primary School, Murrumburrah, are among the first primary schools in NSW to embrace the work of Phusion Living, facilitated by Tim Guthrie, into their vision for the future of education and the world. Trinity is committed to participating in and contributing to the creation of a world where all life is honoured as sacred. 

Through the programs students will explore:

  • life through the eyes of individuals whose most sacred role and purpose is to be a guardian and custodian of humanity and the planet
  • concepts such as love, sacrifice, and service, as they come to understand the importance of honouring our world through actions
  • ways to be expressive and proud exactly as they are
  • their lives without feeling inadequate and without having something to prove.

Wider themes the Trinity students will explore include:

Caring for our earth. Treating others with respect. Positive Body Image.
True kindness and humility. Physical movement. Mental Health.
Mindfulness and meditation. Honouring life as sacred. Learning how to say 'no'.
Making sense of life.   Being mindful of our impact on the world. Self-esteem and self-confidence without needing to change a thing.
Embracing and Celebrating flaws and imperfections.
The pride they begin to develop will no longer be demonstrated by needing to publish or promote everything they do on social media - but by choosing their own behaviours. It is a pride not dependent on the validation and admiration of peers, but through the grace of genuine being.